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Welcome to the blog!

Hello and welcome to The Legacy Foundation!

Whether you're just visiting us for the first time or you've been a part of our story since the very beginning, we're so glad you're here. The Legacy Foundation was founded on the principle that strong relationships can create lasting change, and we want to extend that philosophy to everyone we encounter on this journey of making a difference in our community. Essentially, you're a friend now.

We are going to use this space on the website to share news and updates, of which there will be plenty! We'll talk about why we're here, the projects we run, the people and organizations who support us, and how you can help continue our mission. We're excited to share everything we have with you and even show you some behind-the-scenes details that keep things interesting!

Can't wait for the first official post? Read our About Us page here, and learn about Owen's Story here.

See you again soon!

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