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A Quick Note:

We are delighted you're interested in volunteering with The Legacy Foundation! On this page you will find a number of volunteer role descriptions to help you decide how you'd like to help us, but you're not limited to what you see here. If you have ideas for new roles or ways to assist we'd love to hear from you.

Once you've scrolled through the information here, you can submit a volunteer interest form located at the bottom of the page (or jump there now) or contact us at

Foundation Administration

Foundation Administration volunteers assist Foundation Staff with all those little tasks that make things tick. This could include anything from researching flight prices for The Legacy trip, organizing media files for Owen's Outfitters, or scheduling Zoom meetings for grant proposals.

Are you organized, diligent, and have a secret passion for office supplies? Then this is the volunteer position for you!

Foundation Fundraiser

Foundation Fundraisers are the backbone of our organization, because without funding we simply cannot do our work. Fundraisers work as a team or individually, and manage projects such as donation drives, corporate partnerships, events and galas, and thanking our wonderful donors and sponsors.

Do you dream in green but are short on time? Then fundraising is where your talents are needed!

Owen's Outfitters Server

Our Servers are truly the heart of Owen's Outfitters. Servers meet and greet clients, assist with orders, process lending paperwork, and track item requests. They also process and organize donations, stock and manage inventory, and maintain our storefront so it's always sparkly and clean. Prior knowledge of medical supplies and equipment is helpful but not essential for this role.

Are you a people-person with a heart of gold? Then this is your time to shine!

Owen's Outfitters Mechanic

Owen's Outfitters Mechanics are the folks we call in when equipment needs some love before it goes out to a new home. Sometimes that's a replacement battery, sometimes it's a new set of wheels, and sometimes it's just pottering about until the right bit clicks into place again. What can we say? Our mechanics are either geniuses or just lucky. Maybe both.

Do you love to tinker with things or find out what happens when you push... that... button...? There truly is no better place to do that than here!

Owen's Outfitters Driver

Our Drivers have a unique role at Owen's Outfitters. These kind folks help us out with pickups and deliveries when equipment is just too big or cumbersome for a regular customer's vehicle. This typically means hospital beds or power wheelchairs, but it could also mean heavier boxes or large-scale donations.

Does working at a desk all day fill you with dread, but the open road is balm for your soul? We could really use someone like you around here!


As The Legacy Foundation grows, we are excited to welcome new faces and talents to our Board. If you have a passion for the work we do and would like to know more about what becoming a Board Member involves, we'd love to connect with you.

Fill out the interest form below and let's talk.

Become a Volunteer

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with The Legacy Foundation, please submit this form and we will be in touch soon with more information.

Thank you!

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